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Delivering better care to patients.

We help you go above and beyond for your neuro patients.

Our team acts as an extension of yours, helping to coordinate care needs and guide patients to the resources they need.



Utilize connects the dots among community resources, insurance and environmental needs that impact your patients everyday.


Patient Outcomes

We are a constant resource. Our team helps patients learn best practices for care and longevity.


Staff Burden

We handle care coordination for your team. Whether we’re reaching vendors or getting referrals; we’re here for whatever you need.

Supplement your case management and nursing staff

We align a Care Manager and Neuro Nurse to every case we take on. Your patients are surrounded with a team of caring collaborators with their ultimate health top of mind.

Faster, more comprehensive care for your patients

Our business is care coordination and we quickly connect patients to the tools and supports they need.

Improve patient satisfaction and follow-through

Because our team is heavily involved in each patient’s health journey both in the home and virtually, we are able to address any contributing factors to drive better outcomes.

We meet patients at every stage of their journey and work with providers and payors to offer the best support.

We work with providers across the spectrum of neuro and related needs.

– Primary Care
– Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
– Neurology
– Neurosurgery
– Cardiology
– Gastroenterology
– Orthopedic Surgery

Better outcomes occur when neuro patients have the additional support of Utilize care management.