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Care built around you.

Welcome to Utilize Health, where your neuro needs come first.

As a Utilize Health member, you’ll have a Care Manager and Nurse aligned to you on day one. In partnership with you, your providers, and community resources, they’ll develop a comprehensive care plan that keeps your healing top of mind.

How we can help

Understand your condition
Our team can decipher medical terminology and explain the nuances of your neuro diagnosis.

Find the experts you need
We can do the research for you and assist with scheduling in-network providers and resources faster.

Acclimating to life
We can connect you to any and everything you need to live outside of a hospital or rehab setting. Whether that’s finances, nursing, food, or medical equipment, Utilize has you covered.

Better care for your neuro needs
Learn better physical, psychological, nutritional, and other health needs to foster greater long-term recovery.

Member-centered Model

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a Utilize Health member?

How much will Utilize Health's services cost me?

Our services are included at no additional cost for eligible individuals enrolled with our health plan partners.

Will Utilize Health replace my other providers or can I keep my existing doctors?

Utilize Health is not a provider. We offer care coordination and management to members. If you need different doctors, we’ll help you find them. If you have specific providers that you already work with, you can continue doing so.

Can Utilize work with and include my caregiver?

Yes, with your consent we can share information pertaining to your care plan and anything you’d like to include your caregiver in.

Hear from real people

I think care management is very important. At first, you really do need help with pain management and when seizures begin to happen someone needs to help you design a strategy for dealing with them. Care management could also help the people who are helping you. Most people think a head injury is going to go away without a trace. When you forget everything, it takes a while to catch back up.- TBI Survivor from New Mexico
I had to give up my dream job that I worked so hard for after losing the ability to recall how to run it. My wife says I am a totally different person. My mood swings and brain issues make me feel horrible since they're beyond my control. I miss the old me so much - it is beyond description. You think I need more care? You better believe it.- TBI & SCI Survivor from Maryland
A comprehensive, person-centered approach to chronic conditions would be helpful. I need more assistance with weekly needs like travel to and from appointments and in-home labs.- Stroke Survivor from Vermont

Are you a caregiver?

We recognize the critical role caregivers play in their loved ones’ lives. You are an essential part of the team and we’ll include you on the journey.